Our emphasis is on the production and maintenance of maximum property values.  This is the result of conscientious owner oriented leasing and tenant management activities.

Our goal is to aid the property owner in maximizing current cash profits and establishing stabilized, if not appreciating, property values.

The following services are to be provided:

  • Regular inspection of and reporting on the property 
  • Conduct tenant screening to procure qualified tenant
  • Analysis and negotiate of tenant leases
  • Tenant retention
  • Assurance of tenant compliance with lease provisions
  • Assistance in evaluating cost/benefit relationships for property improvement cost, including maintenance and repairs
  • Review of service provider contracts
  • Coordination and administration of tenant improvement construction
  • Monthly billing of rents and other amounts due from tenants
  • Timely billing of rent increase
  • Collection of rents
  • Timely payment of property expenses
  • Easy communication with the Property Manager and Broker